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Originally Posted by aerius View Post
What JDS should've done but didn't was make Cain pay for those takedown attempts after stuffing the first couple tries. Time him with a good knee to the head every time he shoots in, try and get him with some uppercuts, and once Cain eats enough knees to the head he'll start thinking twice about takedown attempts. From there, JDS can start imposing his striking game, open up the distance and force Cain to play catchup. There were also several times when JDS had a full clinch locked around Cain's neck, and every time he ended up letting it go instead of blasting some knees into the body & head. Missed opportunities.
Trying to counter Velasquez' take down attempts would have made Dos Santos more prone to the take downs. He may have tried with the more lack luster TD attempts, but Dos Santos is not really a kickboxer. Unfortunately he had nothing offensewise than his boxing and Velasquez successfully canceled that. Dos Santos repeatetly had a more or less tight Thai Clinch and I was wondering why he didn't try anything else then a couple of uppercuts. From that position as the taller fighter and with Velasquez often bending down Dos Santos could have planted some nice knees at least to the body and maybe even to the head. We'll see what Dos Santos will learn from that fight.
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