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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
You know who gave em that nickname; Frank Shamrock.

The fight that happened last night was what I was afraid of the first time around. Wonder what kind of adjustment JDS will make in the third rodeo.
JDS needs to develop some sort of offensive clinch game - that's one of the reasons The Reem will be such a threat to Velasquez, because if Cain wants to secure take downs on him from the clinch (where most of his successful TD's come from) he's going to have a had time not getting brutally kneed from Alistair in that position.

Junior literally has ZERO offensive clinch skills, which is why he is also so desperate to avoid that area and immediately circle away. He needs to work heavily on his dirty boxing in the clinch and try to develop some solid knees and elbows from that position, because otherwise Cain could very well likely do the exact same thing to him again.
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