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I see a parallel with the Roman Empire and the USA. While they enjoyed over a millenia of dominance the USA became a super power after WWII. The USA was forged on war. They had to fight the British to gain their independence even though they were from Europe strangely enough. This is why everyone carries guns in America. It's always been like that from day one. From riding shotgun in the wagons to "protect" themselves from the "savage" natives, to the civil war, WWI, WWII, Nam, Korean War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now you got a kid packing heat because he didn't want to get shot in school. It is indeed a crazy time in our young civilization.

Back to the Romans. They conquered and subjugated all nations from the UK all the way to Africa. Currently the US is involved in about a hundred different wars and proxy battles. This is what's draining the treasury and resources. Eventually Roman military and citizens became a minority and foreign slaves were a majority. The US had their open door policy and allowed immigrants which isn't a bad thing, but the WASPS are becoming far and few with the minorities becoming a majority as well. So there's a lot of dissension within. Eventually the Roman empire broke into to the West and East. The West falling first and the East becoming the Byzantine Empire and eventually falling to the Ottoman Empire.

To see where America is going sadly all one has to do is look at the past history. Flip side would you rather have the Middle East rule or China... The British Empire gave birth to the English language among many other things. People hate what they don't understand. America is broke...but they have one thing and that's MILITARY MIGHT. They must continue their imperialism to consolidate resources. Without oil they will be too heavily dependent on the Middle East which in turn will make them wealthy. Gaddafi was the richest man in the planet so they took em out and absorbed his countries vast oil reserves. Same with Iraq. Iran is next. It is part of the GRAND CHESS BOARD GEOPOLITICAL STRATEGY.

They've already done many simulated war games. There's different codes.
Code 1: War with Canada
Code 2: War with Mexico
Code 3: War with Russian & China
Code 4: War with Iran and entire middle east which is basically happening as we speak.
Code 5: Civil war.

As for Code 4 all points to Israel being completely decimated with other middle east countries sent back to the stone ages. That's the whole goal. Depopulation, set their competitors back 20-50 years, and consolidate resources to maintain superiority.

Welcome to civilization.

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