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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
An elite, deadly striker with a ridiculous clinch game and strong wrestling is a night mare match up for Cain. In comes Alistair Overeem, where Cain won't really be safe in any area the fight takes place in.

He's not safe at distance where The Reem can time him with strikes, he's not really safe rushing in and charging Overeem because he could get easily timed and KO'd by a precise strke from the K-1 champ, and he certainly isn't safe up against the cage trying to clinch take down Alistair, he could eat some nasty uber knees from there.

Very interesting fight, I still think Cain takes it. If he can use his relentless pressure without being timed perfectly by Overeem, then he will likely wilt Overeem early on, break him mentally and also destroy his cardio.
Thing is if Overeem is winning I can't see it going past two or three rounds. Overeem winning means he's landing his shots which we all know are all KO material. Cain winning can mean a five round beating. Cain held his own against Brock which surprised me. He also held JDS who's pretty damn strong himself at bay. But none of em have the arsenal Overeem has. I really think Overeem will land a bomb somewhere in there knocking out Cain cleanly. The way Overeem fights is interesting. He's this hulking dude who stays low to the ground and has good body movement for his size.
JDS is supposedly a kick boxer, but employs 99% punches. Overeem has a wicked left hook, right bomb, inside leg kicks, roundhouse kicks, super strong upper body to repel takedowns + control clinch, and of course my favorite his fake right then left KNEE to the liver. Doesn't throw much combos, but he's got sick striking. Against Cain you won't have time to throw combos anyways. It's gotta be a counter when he goes for the shoot.

Can't wait.

Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Cain would KO Overeem with the overhand he landed on Junior. Overeem has good defense but his chin is made of Cabbage (not Coreira, that is actually some hard Cabbage)
I enjoyed that pun. Overeem has his hands up usually to proect himself as he knows he doesn't have the strongest chin. But he's been knocked out before so he's not afraid to engage. I think Overeem could pull it off.

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