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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Went as I thought, mainly. Cains striking suprised me a touch. I commented in the vbookie method of victory thread that odds of 10.0 for a Cain decision were fecking ridiculous. Why more people didnt cash in on it is beyond me.

As for the fight, I was disappointed it wasn't more competitive. I so wanted JDS to clip Cain in the 3rd or 4th and make a fist of it.. but no. By then he had no power.

Also, *really* surprised how poor Juniors striking is when he's on the back foot. I always assumed, training with Machida and Siva, that his striking game would cover this area better. Goes to show you, till your see all facets of a fighters game, you cant be sure how good he is. Everybody was so busy focusing on JDS grappling as being the great unknown... none of us considered it might actually be parts of his striking game that would expose him.

Theres a Glaswegian gentleman who frequents these forums, who suggested the fight would go exactly as it did... and even he was surprised.
Noticed how he didn't use any leg kicks this time. Went straight to his bread and butter. I think it was actually comical he'd go for constant takedowns then switch it up.

btw: Good to see you put my 800,000+ credits to use. Kindly resend when you get a moment. Lost a big $5mill bet on Belcher. I need to regroup...lolz!

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