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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
The people that get mad that he calls himself a Mexican are the first to notice him as a Mexican in the street. If he was from Cali or Texas he would be labeled Mexican. Most non Americans don't understand this fact. He should rock both flags, but I understand why he feels he needs to represent his roots.

On topic, yeah Mexicans are known for their ferocity and hard heads and hands. Brazilians are also known for their ferocity, but also for their skill.
If your implying I am racist your way off the mark.

I am not American, I don't understand the whole represent your country schtick but GSP gets pushed as the big Canadian and a lot of the country loves that so I kinda see that. Thing is GSP is Canadian. If GSP had a Canadian Father and was born in the US we would turn against the very concept of him representing our country. By the same token GSP is a french Canadian and if he started rocking the French Flag and claiming France we would turn against him. That is why I don't get it. Americans and Mexicans should hate Cain he is a pretender to one and a traitor in a sense to the other.

I have no problem with the Brown Pride tattoo as it has some significance with race and Hispanic stereotypes and struggles. If Cain was proud to be Hispanic that to me is acceptable and almost noble but to represent a Country you have no direct link to is absurd.

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