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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
An elite, deadly striker with a ridiculous clinch game and strong wrestling is a night mare match up for Cain. In comes Alistair Overeem, where Cain won't really be safe in any area the fight takes place in.

He's not safe at distance where The Reem can time him with strikes, he's not really safe rushing in and charging Overeem because he could get easily timed and KO'd by a precise strke from the K-1 champ, and he certainly isn't safe up against the cage trying to clinch take down Alistair, he could eat some nasty uber knees from there.
Actually he'd be pretty safe if he can get the clinch against the cage and keep Overeem there. When a fighter is pressed up on the cage, he can't get much power behind any of his strikes since his feet are level and there's no way to get a good weight transfer, step-in, or hip rotation into the strike. The danger comes if/when Overeem manages to get his back off the cage and start turning into a position where he drive off his feet or get some hip rotation into his knees so he can put serious power into the strikes. Worst case for Cain would be if reverses position on him against the fence, in which case he's going to eat full power knees and punches till he drops.

In the clinch against the cage, Cain will either need to GTFO fast or grab a leg for a takedown as soon as he feels like he's losing his position or control. If he gets a good hold of a leg he can't be kneed and if he completes the takedown then Overeem will be in for a beating.
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