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Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
That's a good question. Junior knows what it's like to get simply overwhelmed now... in my opinion, it was a ridiculous amount of "wall and stall", but I'm a biased JDS fan, and have never cared for Cain.

Either way, I expect to see the best Junior we've ever seen his next time out, much like Cain did when he was on the other side of this equation.
There was hardly any wall and stall. When Cain had Junior up against the fence, the vast majority of the time he was dirty boxing the snot out of him and pounding on his rib cage like it was a frozen piece of beef in the chiller. When he wasn't dirty boxing, he was latching onto single legs and dumping Junior onto the mat. I counted four times throughout the fight where JDS grabbing onto the cage prevented Cain from taking him down.

As for his BJJ, as I expected, it's rubbish. There's a reason his entire career he's treated the octagon floor like deadly lava from a Sonic The Hedgehog game, because he sucks there - and like in Sonic, if he falls into that lava, it's pretty much GAME OVER.

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