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Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
That's what you don't get... I'm not some huge JDS fan. But you can't seem to form a coherent thought process with Cain's nuts in your mouth.

JDS and Cain both got caught in the first round by 1 big punch that ended the fight. The only difference is JDS's punch put Cain out... That fight was done in the first round. Anything that happened after that point was merely semantics.

Yes, you're right Cain did dominate the Zombie that couldn't stand under his own power for 5 rounds... congratulations?

Nice Ninja edit. Serra was a fluke, and if you can honestly compare the two, you may want to start looking for a new sport to watch.
How was it a fluke? He threw a punch with
The intention of it landing and it did? Please why is it a fluke?.

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