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Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
How was it a fluke? He threw a punch with
The intention of it landing and it did? Please why is it a fluke?.
Nice diversion from our original topic but since you're trying to get cute, I'll humor you.

The fluke wasn't Serra punching GSP, the fluke was Serra beating GSP. GSP is a far superior fighter in every aspect of MMA. Good on Serra, he got is opportunity and he took full advantage of it. However, if they fought another 10x, GSP would win all 10 of the fights.

You can not honestly say that about Cain and JDS. Well not with out needing to have your head checked.

It's all tied up 1-1 with both fighters scoring a first round KO in my eyes.

Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
Well we will see. Cain could of set the blue print for everyone else. Push forward, apply pressure and don't give him room and he'll crumble.
I honestly didn't see a blue print discovered for Junior. Cain came in with a beautiful game plan. Throw a crap ton of takedown attempts at JDS and hope to catch him with his hands by his waist.

Junior thwarted every take down attempt before he got his block knocked off. He was even defending some TD attempts after that point.

I think if Junior is able to evolve his TDD to not only avoid TD's but to also punish fighters for risky TD attempts, that will be the last time we see this happen.

I also can't think of another fighter in the HW division that would be able to implement this game plan against JDS. I think Cain is really the only guy capable of it... maybe Cormier?

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