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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
I'm sure it's there, he was probably afraid of working off his back against a guy like Cain.

Did you guys see what Cain did to Bigfoot? How did his Black belt and working off his back turn out?

I'm wondering how many of the condescending armchair critics in here would like to "work calmly off their backs" while being massacred by Cain. Cain isn't Sonnen, his opponents look like halloween costumes after spending 5 mins on the ground with him unlike Sonnen's.
Yup, hanging out on the ground with Cain on top of you is almost as dumb as letting Jon Jones drop elbows on you from top position. You're gonna get hurt bad and it's gonna happen real fast, so you better get the hell out of there before you get creamed.

A real world class BJJ fighter might have a shot at working from the guard and succeeding to some degree against Cain or Jon Jones, but everyone else, black belt or not is going to get creamed.
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