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Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
The fight wasn't over in the first round, it went the full five rounds because JDS did'nt give up like many other fighters likely would have after taking a beating like that one. And Cain wasn't sloppy, he smothered JDS the entire fight but I guess JDS nuthuggers have to have an excuse to make themselves feel better.
This concept seems difficult for you and your friend.

Obviously the fight went 5 rounds.... I mean seriously guy?

Junior was toast after the first round. He was 100% relying on a one punch KO for the remainder of the fight.

You know what's more impressive than dominating a guy who can barley stand for 4 rounds? That's right... finishing a guy that can barely stand up.

Or being the guy who can barely stand under his own power, yet refusing to quit and still attempting to throw punches and still successfully stiffing take down attempts.

Did you even watch the fight? Some of Cain's 5 round TD attempts were about on par with his first 8.
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