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Originally Posted by Aiken View Post
I've watched the fight a couple of times now, and was suddenly stuck suprised to realize how similar JDS's style is to Chuck Liddel - low hands, confidence in striking, heavy strikes, lots of stoppages, good TTD but ultimately flawed.

Junior will still be a force in the HW division and will always have a punchers chance, but he will never rule his division like Silva or GSP.

I read a lot about how good Junior's boxing is going into this fight... But after Saturday I must say that I don't agree. Yes, he's got excellent striking and he punches like a mule kicks (but then most HW do) but his "boxing" is horrible. Not even Ray Leonard and Ali held their hand as low and inviting as JDS. He was unable to slip punches (a boxing staple) and crumbled under pressure from the first moment of the first round. His corner were telling him to keep his hands up from the end of the first round - but when you spend all your training carrying your fists under your nipples (yep I said nipples!) it's tough to change what made you champion when it stops working for you.

One dimensional fighters have had their day - The Brock's and JDS's of this world need to realize that they need more than just one arrow in their quiver
That's the comparison I've been making for a while too. I just don't see this great boxer that everyone is/was talking about. He has a really good jab, but other than that he is basically a brawler.

Everyone needs to calm down about how one-sided the fight was, though. JDS got tagged and never recovered - that doesn't mean that he can't beat Cain, or even that Cain is better. The score is 1-1. Cain will be about -150 on the betting lines in their next fight and JDS will come back stronger than ever. Some people are such prisoners of the moment it's ridiculous. Heavyweight fights are rarely competitive if you think about it... even when the two fighters are evenly matched.

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