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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
That's the comparison I've been making for a while too. I just don't see this great boxer that everyone is/was talking about. He has a really good jab, but other than that he is basically a brawler.

Everyone needs to calm down about how one-sided the fight was, though. JDS got tagged and never recovered - that doesn't mean that he can't beat Cain, or even that Cain is better. The score is 1-1. Cain will be about -150 on the betting lines in their next fight and JDS will come back stronger than ever. Some people are such prisoners of the moment it's ridiculous. Heavyweight fights are rarely competitive if you think about it... even when the two fighters are evenly matched.

I agree with the betting lines, I'm pretty much going to back the underdog each time I think its that much of a coin flip.

I actually think JDS's boxing is more refined than a brawler, ugly for pro boxing but I really like it for MMA. Everyone's plan/mind goes out of the window once you've been clocked like Cain did to him and he just went into survival mode.
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