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Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
Nope, JDS's only chance is to land another wild haymaker. Other then that he's got nothing on Cain despite the outcome of their first fight. Sorry if the truth got you upset.

And yes you can put a lot of stock to how badly JDS got beat up, his face was literally broken and his soul was stolen. That's what happens when you run into a superior fighter and don't have all the necessary tools.
If you think JDS punch in the first fight was a 'wild hay maker' you seriously have a lot to learn.

His face was broken but his soul was most certainly not stolen. The man refuse to quit. Can took everything from JDS but his heart.

You seriously need a reality check if you believe any of this crap you vomiting.

Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
Care to list all these other dimensions JDS is really good at other then his stand up?
You're such a horrendous troll I'm starting to think you're just here to rustle our jimmies.

You know you're spewing complete garbage as you will never respond to anyone's comments. Only continue to push your own thought.

You could recall JDS stuffed every take down attempt Cain threw at him. You could forgot that while badly hurt and completely exhausted,Cain was never able to hold JDS down (see Big-Foot fight for a perfect example of Cain's GnP style). That coupled with the fact while you say Cain took him down at will, he actually failed on more than 1 TD attempt in the later rounds.

And of course the last skill is his heart/will. He took an a$$ whooping and never gave up.


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