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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Holy ******* shit I am raging right now. First I read some more of retards ignorance and hate speech on fbook that guy is a clown. Now I turn on the tv and watch some talk show and a woman is on talking about how she is a virgin and believes you cannot find a connection with someone unless you don't have sex because sex ruins your thoughts. But she is on the show to get compliments about how "brave" she is **** her. Then some guy who is also a virgin stands up and agrees with her. I wonder why. Then the dumb **** said that despite never having any form of sex she feels it will be amazing her first time that she knows she will be great in bed and spoke in a way like men aren't difficult to please in bed and it's them that need serve her. And at the end of all that she said she is a very sexual person. She got a standing ovation. **** people on this planet.

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Yeah sounds like she is making alot of assumptions. She seems to know an awful about sex and what it does for you for someone that has no previous experience to base that off of. The virgin is likely also a Christian which means her head is full of all kinds of optimism. How old was she? Only a matter of time before life takes her down a peg or two.
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