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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Yeah sounds like she is making alot of assumptions. She seems to know an awful about sex and what it does for you for someone that has no previous experience to base that off of. The virgin is likely also a Christian which means her head is full of all kinds of optimism. How old was she? Only a matter of time before life takes her down a peg or two.
Late twenties early thirties maybe mid thirties. She was hardly a fresh 22 year old. I used to party from time to time with a girl who was like her. She used to always talk mad shit about how easy guys are in bed that it's just basically touch it and that it's her that is the code to crack. To avoid tmi here long story short she didn't know what the **** she was doing I would have been better off with a retarded cocker spaniel.

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