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Originally Posted by mastodon2222 View Post
JDS doesn't fight like a guy with a black belt in jiu jitsu, imo. In fact, I've never seen him work from his guard. Instead, when got taken down (a lot), he fought to stand up, only to get taken down again. This is one of the most taxing things to do in MMA and had to contribute to his running out of gas.

Would he have been better off working from guard, conserving some energy and going for subs like Andy Silva?
Not everyone can be as cool and collected as Andy and you know the old saying, punch a black belt in the face and he becomes a brown belt, punch a brown belt and becomes a purple belt, etc., etc.

Originally Posted by Tenryuken View Post
Just like he forgot to keep his ands up.

And yet he kept his hands down all the damn time.
JDS went full retard that night.

Ubereem and Werdum would both beat Cain.
Overeem needs to knock Cain out in the first 60 seconds else he will gas even harder than JDS did. Werdum has a decent shot of submitting Cain if he can get it to the ground, but I see Cain working Werdum up against the cage until he gasses.
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