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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Appreciate the comment on the post. It's a great read, surprised more havn't posted up on it.

Cain did the same beatdown against all of his other fights resulting in a TKO or KO. JDS withstood it for a very long five rounds. I asked for championships rounds and we got it. The crowd should be happy he gave them their moneys worth!
I read it when you first posted it and couldn't reply that time "went out". When I came back and refreshed it, I was surprised like you that no comments to such a post!

Anyway, don't put 100% of the blame on the fans/crowed. You need to blame the MEDIA!!!!

When you hear Joe Rogan say: This is the true Cain we all know

He makes you feel as if that first fight JDS's win was a fluke !!! How can a man say that? The guy sent the current champion to the ground with his face to it, and Joe says this is the true Cain? Which makes Junior what?

Also, when you read posts talking about what Cain did, and how he did it. You didn't hear what JDS did! Why ? Just because he lost? What if JDS managed to reverse that fight and take the W? Will the media then say that Cain did great? Or will they talk Bulls***t about him and how JDS won?

Man, it all goes back to how the media is marketing stuff to the HUMAN MIND, this age its all about:
1- Who controls the media
2- How to use that media to MIND CONTROL the audiance !!

What a shame, a fighter like JDS takes no credit for what he has done, even though he managed to finish the fight without loosing faith in himself, or giveup like others do. He was a true champion, from heart to soul.

I love this type of fighters, who come in and do all what they are supposed to do. They fight to the end, NEVER call it an end! JDS, Carlos Condit, etc, they are what make the octagon a fighting ground for fighters.

Again, congrats to Cain, he deserved the belt and the W. But I'm sure JDS will come back stronge. He did a HUGE MISTAKE with turning that fat he had to muscles!!!

Again, thanks for your post, and thanks for JDS and Cain for such a fight. Its for History!

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