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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Because a hail mary punch/flash ko can be landed by anybody. Cain beat JDS up for 25 minutes straight. I think 25 minutes of pure domination proves more than 64 seconds of even exchanges until one fighter gets caught. There is nothing to say that JDS can beat the current Cain after watching that fight.

The reason why he should wait two is because Werdum and Overeem are knocking on the door right now and I think they both should get their shots before JDS has a rematch.
Christ.... not this again. People with KO records like JDS don't throw hail mary lucky punches. Just go ahead and throw this ridiculious thought process out of your brain before it's too late.

Have you skipped every thread tonight? We've spent all day exlaining why everything you just said is wrong.

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