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Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
Christ.... not this again. People with KO records JDS don't throw hail mary lucky punches. Just go ahead and throw this ridiculious thought process out of your brain before it's too late.

Have you skipped every thread tonight? We've spent all day exlaining why everything you just said is wrong.
What I said is not wrong in any way, shape or form.

It is my opinion that a 25 minute beat down outweighs a 64 second KO. If you don't agree, that's fine, but it sure as hell doesn't make me incorrect.

I've seen fighters with far less ability recover better than Junior did during the Cain fight, it has more to do with Cain being the better fighter and not giving Junior the time or space to recover.

Cain was just getting up as the first fight was stopped, if it had kept going you never know how Cain would have recovered, he never got the chance.

What if Herb stopped the second fight after Cain had initially dropped JDS and followed up with heavy GnP?

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