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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
I don't recall every saying it was a fluke. I said Cain got caught. Cain proved that he can catch Junior in the second fight.

You have no idea what would have happened if the first fight hadn't have been stopped, Cain very well could've weathered the storm and won the fight. We weren't given the opportunity to find out.

Either way i'm happy for a 3rd fight, I just want JDS to patch up those holes in his game first.
I was more referring to the 25 minute beatdown, if Cain had dropped JDS and finished him in the 1st what is more impressive, a Cain 1st round finish or 25 mins?

I mean he looked great but I don't think you can instantly dismiss the quick KO, JDS is a knockout guy, you can't discredit quick wins for him.

BTW I'm not being arsey just voicing my opnion
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