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I am a fan of Women's MMA. But, I'm only kinda glad that they are coming to the UFC. Honestly, I would much rather the UFC purchase Invicta and make it into the WUFC because I think just putting women as another division in an already division crowded company will turn off a lot of people. I think that guys have a hard time watching women fight so violently. If Lauzon v Miller were women and that blood was everywher, it'd made the news in a bad way. I could be wrong and I hope I am. But on to the topic...

Because I am a big WMMA fan, I may be the only 1 that doesn't want to see Cyborg v Rousey. Cyborg v Rousey could certainly destroy WMMA in the UFC. Cyborg is horrible for women's MMA in a PR standpoint. She's big, ugly, extremly violent, and has pissed dirty for PED's. Just look at what happened with Cyborg v Carano. WMMA was on a hot streak with Gina being the poster child. Like Rousey, Gina is beautiful and talented and was the top draw in WMMA. In comes this gigantic, freakish looking Cyborg that crushed Carano. I thought WMMA was over when Cyborg won. And it almost was. Not until a few years later when Ronda came in and started getting hot did it start to have more success. Ronda Rousey winning and being the champion and poster child is good for WMMA. Ronda getting her head crushed by Cyborg, which I think she would, would be horrible for it. Guys usually dont like to see the pretty girl get beaten up by the big girl. That's just the way it goes in my opinion, so I hope this fight doesn't materialize. At least for a couple of years while Ronda carrys this thing into mainstream popularity. Please dont hate on me for it, but thats my 2 cents.
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