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Originally Posted by avengedsixfold View Post
I was more referring to the 25 minute beatdown, if Cain had dropped JDS and finished him in the 1st what is more impressive, a Cain 1st round finish or 25 mins?

I mean he looked great but I don't think you can instantly dismiss the quick KO, JDS is a knockout guy, you can't discredit quick wins for him.

BTW I'm not being arsey just voicing my opnion
No worries my friend, I love a good discussion.

I'm not dismissing the quick KO, it was very impressive, just personally I am more impressed by a 25 minute beat down. I don't think many people would have complained if Herb stopped the fight in the first round.
I also think that if the first fight was left to go on then we may have had a different result, I am just speculating, but I would have liked to see if Cain could have recovered in that situation.

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