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Why does it have to be 135lbs though? Why cant they just make it a one time catchweight fight at 140lbs and be done with it? Oh yea I forgot, Dana White has a crush on Rousey and will do anything for her... my bad.

We know the stance of Womens MMA in the UFC, White only has 3 women under contract (Rousey/Carmouche/Tate) and Liz was a fall back after she herself stepped out and campaigned herself online to get signed, no else seems happy to jump on board the 135lbs division and fight Rousey right now. Basically all I am saying is this. Dana White doesent have a real plan for Womens MMA in the UFC. He is practically winging it. After the Rousey/Liz fight he has no clue what to do next. His main beef is that it didnt have much good women to make a division, and guess what nothing changed its still the same faces but Dana blocked most of them that were in the 145lbs division. Women's MMA in the UFC has the same alarming issues it always had right before it even begins. He is really banking that Rousey can somehow muster 500+K PPV Buys because he didnt even stack the card. We all know it only has one big time fight on it and thats Machida/Hendo. Basically Dana came in this blind folded and with his penis out asking where the sex is at.

Now he is alienating all the other women that doesent want to fight Rousey or fight at 135lbs. If he wanted to make a good womens division, just make the title a "Womens Champion" and have a huge range between 100-150lbs just like the HW division, and there you go, its alot more deeper. I find Dana trying to force Cyborg Santos to cut weight to 135lbs to fight in the UFC is insulting. Yea Cyborgs only option is to fight in Japan or Invicta if not the UFC, but Santos is a dominant champion herself before Rousey came into the picture, but she is getting crapped on by Dana and his girlfriend, and not respected like the rest.

They are using her drug test fail to make her look like a villain, but Dana has sided with a bunch of PED users in the past and still loved them and gave them chances. Dana has always been about favoritism. If Dana wasent just the figure head and Lorenzo wasent the one making the real business decisions, the UFC could have bombed. In negotiating, their is supposed to be give and take, but their is alot of taking against Santos here. Its more of a take it or leave it thing, Tito has a right to be upset about this.

I would like this fight to happen where it was done with the best interests of both sides, I respect that Rousey has skill, but I never bought into her as the "face of Women's MMA" just because she is American and the UFC lost the American Market under Canada and Brazil and would like to raise it back by promoting Americans more. So basically, I would smile a little if Cyborg Santos manages to smash her into a bloody pulp in front of her boyfriend (Dana White). I used to respect Dana alot and would defend him, but now im on the side saying that he is bad for the sport and getting worse over time.

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