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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Did you do your own independent research?

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Dana HIMSELF said it several time that the PPV for 2012 was far below 2011 numbers and that this year was one of the toughest for the ufc.
And that thanks to the fox deal the year was not that bad and that the fox guys are great people blah blah blah....
So to say that 2012 did more PPV than 2011 by some dude's "estimations" when everything points to the contrary and that Dana himself admits it( which company executive would want to lower down it's own numbers?) proves that Meltzer is full of shit and that people should be retarded for believing him.

Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
It's pretty lame to make a statement like that with absolutely nothing to back it up... that probably reads like more of a A**hole statement than it's meant to sound, but seriously... are you just guessing?

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