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I have JDS. While it was a great plan by Cain, as I said before the fight, I just had a feeling that his timing would work. That doesnt make him the better boxer. Cain was landing a nice jab, but was lunging in like crazy with the back hand. If JDS had a little bit more time, the counter would have been so easy to take. Cain landing the huge overhand which basically put JDS out this time, but the odds of him doing so again would be quite slim I'd say. JDS will sharpen up his defence and block the jabs on his arms, keeping out of range of Cain's backhand and like the last fight, easily defending weak takedowns without much effort. It would take Cain rocking him again to actually get the fight to the ground, and that's where JDS lost all of his energy. I just don't see the start of the fight going the same way. In grappling and takedown defence, JDS is more than capable of getting seperation and avoiding being dragged down and if he can take the advanatge in strikes, which he should have been able to in the first fight, I see him winning a very close decision next time. Cain I imagine will give up the takedowns and turn to strikes. His chin will be praised for his endurance and in say the third round, he'll start landing big back on JDS with the rest of the rounds being close. His enegry will be down there with JDS' going late into the fight because JDS will be ripping into him with body shots, to which Joe Rogan takes a lot of notice.

Hey, might seem like an overly exact prediction...but worked out pretty well last time eh?

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