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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Let me give a clue to this gent that states JDS is an one dimensional fighter by giving a clear example of an one dimensional fighter fighting an MMA match, so he can refine his parameters: James Toney
Guy is a deadly boxer with absolute no other skills and stated he would destroy Coulture in an MMA match. Nice try...

Now, JDS is versed in all major martial arts and techniques available today. He trains everything in a full camp with great coaches/masters in several arts. However, his fighting style is to box and to KO ppl. But he needs and uses his other skills to allow him to maintain the fight where he wants and that has been proven successful until this last single bout. So to say this incredibly successful athlete, who dismantled every opponent, including Cain, is one dimensional because of his last performance MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

In before. Cain is UNABLE to take JDS down and keep him there while JDS is fully awake. It's JDS's wrestling training that makes his TDD superb and it's his BJJ that makes him stand as soon as possible when the first fails. One dimensional? If he is an one dimensional fighter, lets say, just a boxer, as claimed, what on earth made him avoid getting finished for five freaking rounds against no one less than Cain Freaking Velasquez? Which pure boxer would do that, bro?
That's crazy.
JDS' TDD and BJJ is one of the biggest myths in all of MMA. What JDS really is is an incredibly fast striker with his hands who takes advantage of his opponents before they're able to do anything to him. Take this one dimension away from JDS (much like Cain did Saturday night) and he's not even a top 10 HW.

There's a reason Werdum made the comment he did about JDS' BJJ. It does'nt exist.
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