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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
Agreed. Looked like JDS thought he could go into the fight not having to change anything since their last encounter.

He was looking for the big shot but he couldn't get it in because of the pressure and because of his own fatigue.

It was madness to see him wind up for the big bolo uppercut when Cain would clinch with him before it could even get to chin level.

I think Cain has overall better fight IQ, and understood what mistakes he made in the first fight.

As for JDS bjj, well, like has been said, no style's adherents are created equal. He did what he was accustomed to, avoiding ground damage and getting back to the feet. Really, he did a great job despite his being gassed and dazed to fight off Cain for 5 rounds without being smothered completely or gettinkg TKO'd.
The first time cain got jds down, jds immediately swept cain and put him on his back. That shows me jds grappling is fine, what wasnt fine, was the lack of willigness to attack, right after cain missed his takedowns. Jds Should have jumped on him, but his preference for boxing, made him miss those opportunities. That is either bad game planning, low ring iq or fear for cains grappling/wrestling.

my guess is the former and latter. I think jds can perform quite a bit better, if he has a proper game plan and doesnt fear cains wrestling, respect it, yes, but fear, no. I must admit, that im not quire sure if it enough. for jds to beat cain, but i do think he can make much closer and more competetive.

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