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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
It's these threads I'm talking about. People dicect a joke within an inch of it's life. Hate the guy all you want but come on, the guy's just having a laugh and trying to wind some people up.
What joke? Like I said, I have no problem with him trash-talking at all. Chicken legs is meh-funny, talking about his heart is just a cheap, and plain untruthful troll comment. The thing is I'm pretty sure Bisping ISN'T intentionally trolling and believes in it somewhere in his soul that he has the greatest heart of any fighter that's ever lived and all others are dimmed in comparison.

These are guys who put their health and appearance on the line. They go out there half naked into a cage with thousands and millions of people watching, with the possibility of being completely embarrassed on a very visceral level. If anything matters in this sport, its that the fighter's are safe, reasonably compensated and have their legacies respected. The fact that Vitor has been in so many more wars than Bisping and accomplished so much more, and shown his toughness etc. makes Bisping seem like an ass. And then, think about how offended Bisping would be if someone said something about his heart....
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