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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Wow, this is easier than I thought.

Anyone rememeber this guy? Yes, the fat dude from UFC 1. Not Teila Tuli.

Kevin Rosier > Zane Fraiser > Takayuki Okada > Jason Lambert > Babalu > Chael Sonnen > Paulo Filho > Ryo chonan > Anderson Silva

I'm sorry but you all wrong. Kevin Rosier is the GOAT. Did it in 9 moves!
Yeah but does he have this many top HWs on his list?
Bo-Ram Moon>Jae Young Kim>Kelvin Fitial>Haejun Yang>Joaquim Ferreira>Junior Dos Santos>Werdum>Fedor>Ricardo Arona>Overeem>Brock>Mir>Nog

Look at all the HW greats that kneel before Mr.Moon!
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