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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Basically not getting caught with that shot will change the next fight. If Cain fights as wrecklessly as he was looking to be, JDS WILL stop him. I personally don't see Cain winning the third. JDS will keep his hands up, use his natural TDD and punish Cain to the body. I'd see it being close to a decision, but this time I'll go for the risk and say JDS by TKO in the 4th. Ima remember this thread to quote once again when I'm right
I don't think the shot in the opening round had much to do with JDS getting steam rolled for five. Dos Santos himself said immediately after the fight to Rogan when asked about the effects of the punch that it was nothing to him because he is so used to getting hit all of the time in training/sparring.

JDS can't keep his hands up if he wants to defend the relentless take downs of Velasquez, that's the catch. He immediately needs to get under hooks on Cain to stop the take down. If Junior has his hands high, Cain gets a quick shot in low, Junior won't have time to defend the take down, he's hitting the mat.

He really, really needs to work on an offensive clinch game, that's the only thing I can see him using to winning the fight.
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