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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I'm the same, if I'm ever ill, I never take any pills, unless I have got an absolutely terrible head ache.

About your brother having panic attacks. I had a panic attack once and literally thought I was going to drop dead from a fatal heart attack. Scary as hell.
I try to avoid them with headaches, but if it's THAT bad you'd shoot up some heroine to get rid of it haha.

Yeah he even lost his job cause he can't work in public places. All of it's cause of weed aswell. Dude was smoking heavy for about 14 years since he was 9 and that shit eventually gets to you. About 10 minutes ago I watched a Dave Chapelle video where he "broke free from the illuminati". I'm thinking "You mean the video where he shows that he's half pschzo by now?".

Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Surprisingly few. I've seen straight A students start to crack under the pressure and try it. First a little, then more and more, until they can't focus on anything without them. It can happen in a matter of months.

The only difference between a pharmacist and a drug dealer is a pharmacist pays taxes and went to school for 8+ years.
In Ireland, there is a ridiculous suicide rate for people around exams. You're almost lucky you get the pills handed to you because people are that weak minded, they'll actually top themselves over it. Ridiculous, I was getting drunk the night before my exams and had a legit risk of failing, while these people would struggle to get under a B and were swinging from the barn ceiling. Makes you wonder how fragile people are.

And El Bresk, it's actually good when shit like this comes up. Say for example someone on this thread was thinking about taking them, balls to the wall thinking they were tick tacs. Maybe the discussion will stick in their minds and they will remember it, and the reason the discussion came up is because a bunch of guys who like Mike Goldberg were discussing the shit he was suffering from.

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