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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Might be controversial, but I'm not all that impressed by Cain's wrestling. I think he seriously lacks grappling skills, and really relies on pure strength and timing to land a takedown. JDS isn't really one to throw stupid and over commit. Timing really shouldnt be the biggest issue to him and he wont get caught kicking like Bigfoot did. JDS was moving back with his hands by his side. He wasn;t even defending jabs, where most people have a decent balance between them. I think JDS felt like he was completley secure on the feet, which was obviously not the case. The shot itself didn't harm him that long, but long enough for Cain to rip every last bit of energy from him. Cain will be predictable with his takedowns, and until that shot he was. JDS needs to just be confident in his TDD, keep his hands high enough and be looking for the counter. If he's in the mentality like you say, where he can't keep his hands up because of the TD or he can't counter because it'll leave him open, he's going to lose the fight right out because that's a negative fighting style, and you can NEVER be negative against a pressure fighter or you'll get slaughtered, like he did.
Not controversial, just flat out wrong. You think Cain seriously lacks grappling skills, well, you're just wrong. You think Cain relies on strength, power and timing to get take downs rather than technique.....wrong. Even then, timing is a very important part of getting take downs so I'm not sure why you're listing that as some sort of negative. The reason why GSP has such good take downs is because of his impeccable timing on going for the shot.

That said, Cain gets most of his take downs in the clinch, so timing isn't really one of his main attributes. Strength and power? He's one of the smallest Heavyweights on the roster. How was it he managed to out wrestle Brock Lesnar? Strength and power? Nah, he out wrestled Brock because he was the vastly superior technical MMA wrestler.

I think it's quite ignorant to say that Cains wrestling skills aren't impressive and that his grappling is lacking when 90 percent of his career wins have come through taking his opponents down and absolutely destroying them on the ground. A dude lacking grappling skills wouldn't have man handled a guy like Big Foot on the ground.

Cains grappling is top notch, his wrestling is elite, and rather than power and strength, being one of the smaller heavies, he relies on technique to secure the take downs and control his opponents on the ground. That's how he was also so successful during his amateur wrestling career, wrestling guys much bigger and stronger than himself.

Just so happens that JDS also has out standing take down defense. That's what happens when an immovable object meets and unstoppable force. Cain looked sloppy on a few take downs on Junior? Why? Because Junior is an outstanding defensive wrestler himself. Jon Jones' wrestling didn't look as powerful as it usually did when he fought Rashad Evans? Why? Because Rashad is also a fantastic wrestler, doesn't make Jones any less of a monster wrestler.
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