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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
yeah he did, but he also landed the first two takedowns of the fight on an unpunched, ungassed JDS. CBB if you watched Cain's fights you'd see he doesn't really try to hold guys down, he kinda just stays in dominant position and continues to land strikes, as soon as they get up he works for the TD again.

This is one of his tactics to gas opponents.
But when he faces someone like JDS who has really good TDD, I find that JDS won't have too many problems seperating from the clinch. If you watch the later parts of say the 3rd round, JDS, although completley drained, was even spinning and putting Caid against the cage. He could have pushed off from there and tee-ed off against Cain while he had his back on the fence. He just didn't have it in him at that point in the fight because he allowed himself to get clocked and from there, taken down. If JDS ups his cardio, which he definently will, and keeps his hands high enough, I can see him keeping his distance and stuffing all the takedowns like he was doing early, without the risk of taking yet another stupid big shot.

And I'm obviously not just some delusional JDS fan saying everything to discredit Cain cause I seen the fight going EXACTLY as it was, but I feel JDS has the intelligence and tools to change up what he did wrong in the last fight because ultimatley, it was more his mistakes which cost him. Cain pushed the pace and used strikes to set up takedowns and JDS didn't have an answer for it. If you don't expect that against a wrestler, it's your own fault you lost.

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