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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
yeah he did, but he also landed the first two takedowns of the fight on an unpunched, ungassed JDS. CBB if you watched Cain's fights you'd see he doesn't really try to hold guys down, he kinda just stays in dominant position and continues to land strikes, as soon as they get up he works for the TD again.

This is one of his tactics to gas opponents.
Yea... I agree. Cains entire game is based around position. He wont throw shit offensively until his position is secure. Totally evil and methodical. He will happily let somebody get up as long as he's still in a strong position.

I'm not sure how *skilled* he is... but he is scarily disciplined. That, for me, is his strong point. He wrestles like hes been drilled hard his whole life. His concentration never seems to slip. He's awesome.


Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
No doubt it was to do with JDS being that good. JDS has better TDD when on dream street than most have at their peak. But if Cain's wrestling is supposed to be that amazing, should it overtake JDS' TDD? JDS was making him look foolish before he got hurt and gassed, and although a harsh criticism on Cain because after all, HE was the one who hurt JDS, but if he wants to try and use the same grappling he did before JDS got caught, he's going to be made pay for it.
Naa. You can call those initial takedown attempts "sloppy"... but they we're still enough to get Dos Santos to lower is guard. By the time Cain clocked him, he was totally not expecting it. Sloppy or not... it was mission accomplished if you ask me.

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