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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Weed is fun to do, that is why people do it. There are very few negatives. I smoke it because I enjoy it, but when I go overseas I do not have any problems not smoking it, I have no withdrawals and i've smoked every day for about 4 years. Alcohol is much worse in every single way.
I write cartoons and have one for the person first pitching the idea of alchohol on Dragon's Den. Shit like "It make's your coordination go, you're eyes turn blurry, you no longer make your own decisions, you lose all control over your legs and the next day you're entire body feels like death....good idea right?".

Long term use is bad, as I said about my brother earlier in the thread. But yeah I'm more of an advocate of fun. It's when people say shit like "Weed gets rid of red cells which benifits the prevention of cancer" and ridiculous bullshit like that.

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