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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
And weed IS addictive. The only people who say it isn't addictive are people who smoke weed on a regular basis. "I can give up at any time", somehow this phrase isn't tarred with the same brush as it is when uttered by an alchoholic.
Probably because alcohol kills far more people than weed and is much more physiologically debilitating when abused (such as destroying your liver or getting alcohol poisoning or drunk driving).

Weed can absolutely be mentally addictive, but so can cheeseburgers and classical musical cds. It's chemical addiction is slim to nil. By the way I don't smoke weed on a regular basis but do occasionally when others offer, much like most of my friends, so there's goes your ridiculous generalization.

More on topic, I found the original article a little ignorant by the fact that it finds 'irony' in the fact that Joe wasn't the one with the drug addiction problem. Joe is a very balanced person and I would be totally shocked to find out he was being adversely affected by substance abuse. The problem is of course the errant perception that all drugs are equal and illegal drugs are worse. 'Ironically' enough, for some people taking one drug can lead you to being more aware of not taking another, more harmful ones, as might be the case with Joe and hallucinogens.
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