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Originally Posted by Calminian View Post
I'd love to see a rematch, and I do think JDS could prevail in it.

JDS was crushed by the 1st round right hand, and never recovered from what I could see. You could see it in his eyes. Yet he still was able to keep the fight standing for the most part and never got knocked down again. Cain scored a few takedowns, but never was able to keep him down, and never could take him down consistently and never did much damage on the ground. There were a lot of stuffs which is interesting considering how staggered JDS was. The guy was just out of it, yet survived the rest of the fight, minimizing damage.

In the next fight I do see JDS able to keep the fight standing even more effectively, and punch much more effectively.

BTW, these two fights remind me a lot of the Liddell Couture fights.
If you mean JDS minimized damage by standing there like a log thus letting Cain tee off on him for 20+ minutes then I completely agree with you.
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