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Originally Posted by Calminian View Post
Aw come on. I know Cain won, but let's not kid ourselves. JDS was a staggered mess after that first punch, and yet survived and was never in any serious trouble again. Had he been he wouldn't have survived. Even the hard punch in the 3rd didn't knock him down.

Cain didn't come close to finishing him, from what I could see. I think people may have thoughts so, seeing JDS out of it the way he was, but that was just carried over from being crushed in the first.

I highly doubt we'll see Cain land that over hand right in the 3rd fight. If not, I can see JDS prevailing, stuffing takedowns and landing shots backing up. A clear eyed JDS is a very different fighter. Then again, a staggered crushed JDS isn's so bad either! It's almost like he was blind fighting some kind of brail system. I don't know how the heck he survived.
Dude, I was simply pulling you up on your use of the term "minimizing damage". JDS was a swollen mess at the end of the fight. If that's what you call minimal damage then im not sure what more I can say.
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