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Day 22 & 23
I am sorry I missed a few.

Last wednesday I got a session in before the new years.

I had a good sparring bout with a young member of the gym.

I danced around him, and forced him to take the initiative.

Right at the end, of the 3-minutes I landed a right hook to his head.

Tonight was 23.

The last 2 sessions, I have been in charge of our circuit drills so I am doing the bare-minimum right now.

After the circuit of pushup and situp, we did 6-5 minute rounds of calisthenics.

2 rounds of slipping, bobbing, weaving. 2 rounds of 1-2, over head 1-2, and jumping jacks.
2 rounds of v-ups, bicycle crunches, and what jeff calls butt-ups, you rest your hands at the hips and bring your knees to the chest then raise up straight into the air.

After the conditioning we worked on technique. Jeff and Brad were drilling us on throwing a hook or uppercut after a combo.

I worked with a guy named elliot, who I've taken on as a project. He's around 190 right now and my height. Eventually he'll become a good sparring partner.

I started off holding mitts for him. When the role was reversed I got some extra insight on my right uppercut from brad.

Once I got the technique down, I went purely for power of the power shots was a bit low and dug into elliot's gut. It was totally by accident, but at least we found he can take a punch.

I enjoyed the power that I was generating in the right-uppercut.

At the end of the night, I did some light sparring with Jeff. I was doing rather well with my feet. He still has an edge over me in this department.

At one point I slipped and fell to the canvas.

I know that I was on the balls of my feet, and landed a some jabs that were clean. Some of these jabs were while jeff was coming in.

I am feeling better when I am able to land 1st with a jab while he's advancing compared to having to counter him, after he's landed 1st.

Elliot was talking about wanting to run, so hopefully when I have a saturday and sunday free we'll goto a track and do 5 and 10 mile runs both days.

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