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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post

All of your posts are so funny. LL and Sideways calibre stuff.

Floyd would love to fight Canelo, that's an easy as piss fight for him. Canelo won't get within 100 yards of Floyd or any boxer with an actual pulse.

He'll probably fight the Ghost.

Sergio is too big for him.
So, wait, let me get this straight...

Floyd would love to fight Canelo.
Canelo, like every other boxer, would love to fight Floyd.

So...he'll probably fight Ghost? Oh of course, sorry for being stupid....................??????????

Floyd will NOT fight Canelo. He will NOT fight Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Sergio Martinez, Tim Bradley etc. etc. Now don't get me wrong, Floyd is the best we've seen this generation and perhaps all time, but if the guys too shit scared to even fight guys he'll easily beat just because they pose some sort of can you respect that? He's fighting Ghost because Robert is a fuking nobody who's only real relevence is beating a juiced up Berto. Even no heart Ortiz beat up Berto. You know that a kid like Canelo would NEVER, EEEEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRR, pass up an opprtunity to fight May right? Like, never? May's got like 3 years left on his career and every single boxer around wants a shot before he's gone. Canelo wont have even seen the amount of money he'd even receive for a loss before, and why would a 44(or something)-0 kid be worried anyways? The reason May is fighting Ghost is because, even though according to you he'd love the fight so much, they never even offered it to Canelo because, surprise surprise, Mayweather's a puss*y.

Also, Martinez isn't too big for him. Martinez fights at MW, Mayweather fights at WW. Light MW, bang, fight is on. What? Pacquiao can fight at LMW and Mayweather can't?

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