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Your Opinion.. What does JDS need to do in the rubber match?

Assuming he doesn't eat another Bomb, what do you think JDS strategy should be for the next fight?

I feel using his Jitz is a bad idea.. even in zombie mode he was always able to get back to his feet. Now Cain never put the hooks in, never flattened him out, never really went for subs, but it was painfully obvious that if he had tried he probably could have sunk something in and ended the fight.

Cains immediate pressure took JDS out of his element, he never came forward with his usually explosive offense. he never had a chance to find his range. Cain made some very effective adjustments in his striking, mostly head movement and pressure.. but Cain still had holes in his game that JDS failed to see and capitalize on. A well placed knee could have changed the whole fight. however JDS looked for the Thai clinch several times but always got shut down and underhooked before he could throw any knees, this is just one example of how Cain simply outclassed him in grappling.

considering JDS was always able to get back to his feet eventually, i think his game plan should be much the same except that he should focus on keeping his hands up rather than his "defend the takedown at all costs" strategy.

if he never gets caught with a bomb, and keeps getting back to his feet he is much more likely to land a bomb of his own.

i feel like he must have had an adrenaline dumb after the first takedown because only 3 minutes into the fight he was seriously slowing down.. an adrenaline dumb would also explain why he started gaining back some pep in his step in the 4th and 5th rounds. But some of that may be due to the part where Cain punched himself out during the first 3 rounds.

JDS seriously underestimated Cains striking. he was too concerned with the takedowns and basically forgot that Cains striking, while not as fast and explosive as his own, is actually more technically sound. (at least in this fight) Plus Cain showed to have some serious power when he loads up on his shots.

P.S. i was rooting for Cain and i think he will take the next fight, i just think it will be a much closer fight if JDS makes the right adjustments...

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