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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
Actually there's 2 generalizations in there. One about people who say weed isn't addictive and what about people who smoke regularly. I don't really care, just yeah....

This is the opening of the article and techincally is about the most ironic twist of fate in the ufc. It takes up a large portion of the article. Is it ok to talk about?
I'm sorry, I didn't know the hyperbole police were around. The MAJORITY of people who say weed isn't addictive are regular weed smokers.

And what is the other generalization?

And it is ironic. Joe Rogan has a show about drugs basically, and his broadcast partner is addicted to drugs.

rabakill, most "tests" people find out about are very biased. In unrelated and related studies, there is proof that anything that effects your mental state, wether it be ups, downs or relaxing, can be very addictive. Mental addiction is the majority of addiction. Habbit is much stronger than addiction because it's the desire which makes people cave in, not the cravings themself.

And I'm just saying this shit from experience. I was never addicted, but mainly cause I'm not stupid enough to let myself fall to an addiction, but the older people get the more the "potheads" who were complete 24/7 baked try and try to give up smoking, but it never sticks and they always end up back at it. The reason more people think weed is good for you is because more people post that shit on the internet/ Is there anyone that cares enough to look up that it's bad for you? Most people want clarification that what they're doing is justified, when really they should just blaze up a blunt, stick on some Cypress not give two shits.

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