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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
GSP was open to do more damage because similar to Diaz Condit utilizes space to set up his transitions and sub attempts which also lets the guy on top posture up and do damage. Neither guy tries to grab hold and cling from the bottom.

I question if Diaz has better cardio than Condit especially fighting a grappling heavy fight, we haven't seen Diaz carry a top heavy grappler like GSP. Body shots, please Diaz isn't landing those because GSP is gonna have him on his back eating elbows and punches. Condit flipped GSP? Yeah but again as I stated earlier Condit is physically stronger than Diaz. Nick is gonna be less effective with sweeps than Condit was and he isn't good enough to get the submission because honestly at the elite level the guard is virually dead and while Diaz has a decent guard he is no Fabricio Werdum. Who has Diaz subbed in MMA that is so impressive? Cyborg? Sakurai? Gomi? Lets get real none of these guys are anywhere near elite fighters and none of them are in the same stratosphere as GSP. Not a single striker has looked remotely threatening to GSP and every one of them including Dan Hardy had better TD defense than Diaz. Keep waiting and telling yourself Diaz has a chance because honestly its comical that people think he is a top WW.
Well if diaz isn't a top ww then neither is condit, I mean you guys seem to think condit dominated diaz even though diaz landed the better shots and was going forward and was closest to finishing the fight and condit was landing the most useless leg kicks I have ever seen. Diaz won that fight imo, I know that's off topic but here's the point, condit gives gsp a lot of trouble with his ok guard but diaz can't with his very very good guard? Condit's only weapon against GSP was a few kicks and he LANDS a headkick on GSP still and almost finishes him but diaz can't pepper him down? Also his TDD is not actually that bad watch the sean sherk fight when he was a lot worse he stuffed seans takedowns beautifully, condit defiantly does not have better TDD than diaz. This is gonna be a way harder fight for gsp than condit despite gsp once again having the homefield advantage

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