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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Well if diaz isn't a top ww then neither is condit,
Diaz is stylistically a much worse fight for Condit than GSP.
I mean you guys seem to think condit dominated diaz even though diaz landed the better shots and was going forward and was closest to finishing the fight and condit was landing the most useless leg kicks I have ever seen.
Diaz was not landing the better shots at any time in that fight, Just because you like watching Diaz go straight forward and allow his opponents to punch him in the face does not make him better or braver he fights the stupidest style on earth with zero defense.
Diaz won that fight imo, I know that's off topic but here's the point,
Only blind favoritism could allow somebody to think Diaz beat Condit, Diaz is Leonard Garcia with a black belt and better boxing and a love of that style cannot allow somebody to score a fight for him.
condit gives gsp a lot of trouble with his ok guard but diaz can't with his very very good guard?
Condit didn't really give GSP alot of trouble one head kick was the only time he was even remotely in control.
Condit's only weapon against GSP was a few kicks and he LANDS a headkick on GSP still and almost finishes him but diaz can't pepper him down?
What does the fact Condit can land one big shot have to due when arguing Diaz can land his 50 some body shots?One Diaz body shot is not gonna crumple GSP that is the difference.
Also his TDD is not actually that bad watch the sean sherk fight when he was a lot worse he stuffed seans takedowns beautifully, condit defiantly does not have better TDD than diaz.
I think the fact you went back 7 years against a guy who should have been fighting at FW just furthers my point.
This is gonna be a way harder fight for gsp than condit despite gsp once again having the homefield advantage
I would bet you that not only does GSP win but that he does so far easier than the Condit fight.

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