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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Now I understand if you're a surgeon, but if you work in a shop or you're on call outs for maintenance (which I do) every now and again you can be like fuk this, phone is on silent, I'll say it was broke.
Each his own.

I knew what my schedule was going to be like before i got this job and i agreed to it. If i want a day off i put in for it... if my boss needs me to come in on my off day or something but i cant or i dont want to i pick up the phone and let him know i cant.

I dont know what your situation is so i wont speak on it. But i know that there is a Pre/Post fight conference for each PPV and i know that Diaz signs a contract agreeing to show up to it before each fight is booked. So he should be there...

Plus going to a conference isnt even work imo. So even if i was sick id still show up to it. I do a physical labor job so being sick and going to work can be a bit much but i still worked for a week while having Mono. But if i was in Diazes position id be so incredibly happy and id love to go to a conference. If only cause i know how lucky i would be and that i know there are people out there that work 100x harder then me for a fraction of the pay.

So Diaz can do whatever he wants but its a pretty shitty decision of him to make and one that i know most people would not make. Hell almost all the UFC fighters make it to the conference. Diaz is the only one i can think off that misses them and misses them for ridiculous reasons.

And quiet frankly signing that contract is like giving your word. If i tell someone im going to do something then i do it. And i dont think highly of someone that breaks their word unless there is some real reason for it.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
And then rogan said when rewatched it at home properly he said he thought diaz won it 3 rounds to 2

So Rogan thought Condit won while watching the fight.

I know more people at this forum thought Condit won

I know Dana thinks Condit won.

Basically your post about most people thinking Diaz won while watching the fight is bogus.

(Not here to argue about who won just that you completely lied about most people thinking Diaz won while watching the fight)

Atleast u cud say 50/50 of people thought Diaz/Condit won. (Even though i believe it falls on the Condits side of the fence)

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