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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Lmao... Adderall... really???

I have a few friends who were on Adderall since middle school cause of their ADHD and even their not addicted to it. They actually prefer not taking it if they didnt act so freaking hyper without it.

One of my friends actually gave me a whole bottle when i asked him about giving me a few to see what its like. And quiet honestly i didnt feel anything... maybe a slight caffein type feeling but thats about it. I still actually have the pills in a drawer 5 years later... and thats after giving a bunch away to a lady friend who wanted to take them to "Help with her HW" (Yea im sure).

So this is quiet funny to me and i like to think its not true haha.
Riveting personal story fellow, do you have any more to share with us?
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