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i have add and take a rather small dose. I just dont like their pharmaceutical shit.

to use the alphabet as an analogy. Without taking the meds, i might get to b,c or d, with them i am much more likely to finish it. I can quite clearly state, that i will never be addicted to these pills, they make my day a bit easier, but it is not something i am remotely close to being addicted to. I do remember the first pill and i wss high as a kite.! Trained, cleaned my appartment, did the dishes and the laundry. I could see why someone would want that feeling, all day everyday, but i like my days to be more calm,

If weed cant cause physical addiction, then why does the body sweat, feel sick and lose appetite etc, when weed junkies quit? Of course it is addictive, both physically and mentally and i could care less about, what some random study tells. All those are physical reactions. Once again, PHYSICAL REACTIONS.!

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