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Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
Poison is poison no matter what the quantity is. Saying that only taking small quantities of cocaine, heroin or meth is okay is nothing but a myth because guess what, you still put poison in your body which in reality does'nt actually cure anything. People only think they feel better because they are stimulated by a drug and are ******* high. Once the substance runs it's course it's back to square one and they'll need another dose to feel "better" again.

Pharma wouldn't be in business if they actually cured anything, they want you coming back just like the thug selling drugs on the street.
Oxygen and water are both poisonous in high concentrations. The dose makes everything.

Next time you take antibiotics think about that "they never heal anything" stuff you said. It's true that some diseases just can not be healed yet, like abnormalities in your hormones and basically every disease that affects neurotransmitters so you have to come back every time to get your meds but at least it makes people's lives better for the time being.

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